Anker’s ultrafast Atom PD 1 charger starts shipping this month for $29.99

Anker, once known as a leading accessory maker and now a multi-faceted consumer electronics company, hasn’t abandoned its roots as a supplier of some of the fastest and highest-quality chargers around. The company’s newest line of ultrafast chargers, the PowerPort Atom series, is set to start shipping its first device later this month, the company announced today during CES. The Atom PD 1, as it’s called, was originally announced back in October, but the product was ultimately delayed a few months. The company now says it should be available for the same price of $29.99 later in January, though a concrete ship date has not yet been set.

What makes this charger special is its speed and efficiency. Gallium nitride, or GaN, is fast becoming the next-generation version of silicon due to its lower power draw and ability to withstand higher temperatures. And Anker’s PowerPort Atom PD 1 is one of the first chargers on the market to incorporate GaN, with others from competitors like RavPower already on the market today.

With the Atom PD 1, you should be able to charge phones and smaller devices, including the Nintendo Switch, must faster, despite the device’s noticeably smaller form factor. The charger will also work as a USB-C laptop charger, though only for devices like the 12-inch MacBook or the new MacBook Air, with charging times extending for machines with higher power draw. Anker says it’s planning a 60W, two USB-C port PowerPort Atom PD 2 charger — as well as a 100W four port (two USB-C and two USB Type-A) PowerPort Atom PD 4 charger — for later this year.

Here are the full charging specs for the Atom PD 1:

  • Total output wattage: 30W
  • Input: 100–240V ~ 1.2A 50–60Hz
  • Power delivery output: 5V = 3A / 9V = 3A / 15V = 2A / 20V = 1.5A
  • Size: 1.61 inches x 1.37 inches x 1.49 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 ounces

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